Ski Orienteering World Cup

Ski Orienteering is fast becoming a very popular winter sport and the World Cup is a competition which has attracted considerable interest. Although the sport did not make it to the Winter Games in Sochi, it was not

World Orienteering Championships

Orienteering is fast becoming an important and highly popular sport. This year the World Orienteering and Trail Orienteeing Championships are taking place in Italy; from Venezia to Asiago. The forthcoming championships for 2015 will be held in Scotland

Famous Male Competitors in Orienteering

Orienteering is a popular outdoor sport that tests the navigational skills of competitors as they attempt to move across countryside terrain from point to point at speed. While foot orienteering is the most common version, there are

Most Famous Female in Orienteering

If you have never heard of orienteering, you only need to know that it is a brand new sport that makes use of a wide variety of skills (such as precision and orientation abilities) in order to

Compete in Orienteering

Orienteering Some people need a sport that challenges both mind and body, and orienteering does this well. A mandatory activity in the military, orienteering involves navigating with map and compass over a set course and arriving at