Orienteering World Cup 2005
Orienteering World Cup 2005
Surrey Hills, England
Orienteering World Cup 2005

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Bulletin 2.5 - Invitation

Please note major programme and other changes (in red)


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Last updated 20 November 2004

Welcome to World Cup 2005 Round 1

The British Orienteering Federation (BOF) is pleased to be the host for Round 1 of the Orienteering World Cup 2005. BOF invites all IOF Federations to send teams to the competition to be held in Great Britain over the first holiday weekend of May 2005. The competition will be held to the south-west of London in the beautiful hills and heathlands of Surrey. BOF looks forward to welcoming all teams, their officials and representatives of IOF and the media to Surrey in 2005.


The Event will be based on Guildford - the county town of Surrey. Guildford is a vibrant historic town, offering all the richness and amenities of a city with excellent shopping and entertainment, yet conveniently located with excellent transport links.

Guildford is some 30km to the south west of London with easy and fast access from London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports, both of which are under 30 km away. The town is situated on the A3 trunk road between London and Portsmouth some 15km outside the London Orbital Motorway (M25). Guildford is on the main railway line from London Waterloo with frequent fast services. There is a direct railway link from Gatwick and a bus/train link from Heathrow. See next section for more detail.


Access from airports

  • Gatwick   - 2 trains per hour, 40 minutes journey time, about �9 single
  • Heathrow - 2 departures per hour, air-bus from terminal to Woking, then train to Guildford, total journey time up to 80 minutes, about �11 single

  • Heathrow to Guildford by motorway, normally 30/40 minutes, weekday rush hour - 60 minutes
  • Gatwick to Guildford by motorway, normally 40 minutes, rush hour - 60 minutes
BOF & IOF have agreed that the programme for Round 1 of the Orienteering World Cup 2005 should be changed.
The IOF has recently been told that many of the National Teams will be sending a reduced number of competitors to all races in the 2005 World Cup series. While regretting this development, BOF wishes to continue to provide a worthy competition for all athletes and wants to stage an event that remains financially viable for all involved.

Consequently, BOF is now planning a revised programme that will provide an exciting and compact event of 5 days over the first Bank Holiday weekend in May 2005. Subject to final access agreements, the revised race programme, approved by IOF, will be:

Friday 29th April Event Centre opens in Guildford
Opening Ceremony
Sprint Qualification
University of Surrey in Guildford

Saturday 30th April

Mytchett, Frith Hill & Old Windmill Hill, Pirbright, Surrey

Sunday 1st May

Long Distance
Winterfold, Peaslake, Surrey

Monday 2nd May

Sprint Final
Battersea Park, London

Tuesday 3rd May

Middle Distance
Leith Hill SW, Surrey

Public races
There will be a full range of public races using the World Cup terrains. See Surrey Five-O details for further information.
Embargoed areas

The following areas are embargoed to potential competitors, team officials and advisors until further notice. It should be noted that there are changes from Bulletin 1/2 and that additional areas may be added to the list.

Name of Orienteering Map

Map Date


Battersea Park (A)*


near Central London, 40 km NE of Guildford

Leith Hill (E)


near Coldharbour, 15 km SE of Guildford

Long Valley (H)


near Aldershot, 15 km W of Guildford

Mytchett Revisited (D)


near Pirbright, 12 km NW of Guildford

Star Posts North (F)**


near Bracknell, 18 km NW of Guildford

University of Surrey Campus (B)



Whitedowns and Netley Heath (G)


near Gomshall, 9 km E of Guildford

Winterfold & Pitch Hill/Holmbury Hill (C)


near Peaslake, 11 km SE of Guildford

* letters refer to those on the location map below

** please note that the southern part of the Star Posts area, sometimes known as Barossa or Lower Star Posts, is not embargoed and will indeed be used for two public races early in 2005.

location map

Circles give distances in kilometres from Guildford (10, 20 and 30 km)

National Federations can obtain copies of the existing orienteering maps by contacting the Event Office, preferably by email.

The Competition

The competition will be organised in accordance with IOF Competition Rules valid from 1 January 2004. There is one class for women and one for men, there are no age restrictions.

For further information on:

  • Entry regulations - in accordance with Rules 6.1 - 6.4 and 6.8 - 6.10
  • Courses and winning times - in accordance with Rules 16.1 - 16.7 and 16.9

Approximate course lengths will be displayed on the event web site before January 2005. Map scales and contour intervals will be as follows:-

Long 1:15000 5m
Middle 1:10000 5m
Sprint Qualification
Sprint Final


Relay 1:15000 5m

* as approved by IOF Senior Event Advisor

There are no extra restrictions on clothing or footwear.

The SportIdent electronic punching system will be used. Runners are encouraged to use their own (version 6) cards.

Terrain Description

All areas (except for the Sprint competitions) take place in typical South East England terrain. Little or no rock or stone will be found and the going underfoot will generally be very fast, with the leading men expected to be running at around 5 mins/km.

Winterfold and Holmbury Hill (Peaslake) runs along the Greensand ridge to the east of Guildford. The area comprises generally fast mature conifer and deciduous woodland, with bilberry undergrowth and conifer plantation. The area includes a steep, south-facing scarp slope, backed by gentler gradients to the north, bisected by a number of deep valleys. There are isolated sections of interesting landform detail associated with past quarrying activities.

Mychett, Old Windmill and Frith Hill, host to the Relay competitions, is a military training area comprising generally mature conifer woodland to the south, with some deciduous areas in the north west. There are extensive areas of bracken which, later in the year, inhibit running. However, in early May, runnability will be good. There are zones of contour detail within the maximum height differential across the competition areaof some 100 metres.

Leith Hill South West consists of mostly runnable mixed woodland, with interesting detail and many man-made contour features. The forest is mostly deciduous and there are areas of rhododendrons in parts. The sample map shows the terrain around Leith Hill, the highest point in South East England, and which also appears in the World Cup 2005 logo. The summit is only 965 feet high (294 m) and the tower built in 1765 enabled it to break through the "magic" 1000 feet barrier.

Leith Hill tower

Leith Hill sample

Further detail on terrain will be published in Bulletin 3.

The Sprint terrains are quite different in nature: the Guildford University campus comprises a mix of complex buildings and parkland, all on a slope with a height difference of 30 m. Battersea Park is a flat, ornamental city park with many man-made features, bordering the south bank of the River Thames.

Event Centre

The Event Centre will be in and around the modern Spectrum Leisure Complex in Guildford. Team Manager Meetings will be held at the Event Centre.

Guildford S

Entry Fee for National teams

The entry fee is �35 per competitor per competition (e.g. the fee for the Middle race is �35, as also is total fee for the Sprint Qualification and Final races) and �100 per official (updated November 2004). Entry fee is �50 per relay team. The fee covers competitions and model events. At present, a banquet is not planned. The fee does NOT cover accommodation, food and transportation

Registration Forms for National Teams and requests for accommodation from teams must reach the Event Office by 1 February 2005. A copy of the form can be downloaded here (please note that this form has been updated for January 2005).

The Event Office must receive full payment of entry fees by 1 April 2005. The name and sex of each competitor and the name of each team official must reach the Event Office by 20 April 2005.

Accommodation for National teams & all visitors

Accommodation of different standards is available in the area. It is hoped that all visitors will stay in Guildford and the immediate vicinity. Availability of accommodation near to the Event Centre is limited and it will be allocated in order of receipt of registration forms with deposits.

The Event Hotel

It is hoped that many visitors will stay in the Guildford Travel Inn, www.travelinn.co.uk (see also location map above), some 200m from the Event Centre. We have reserved a number of twin, double and family rooms for teams and visitors at �28.50 (room only) per person per night, assuming at least two people per room. Breakfast and other meals are extra, please indicate your needs on the registration form.

Other Hotels, Guest Houses & Self Catering Accommodation in and close to Guildford

The Guildford Borough Council website provides information on the town, its facilities and accommodation. It links to the Guildford Tourist Information Centre for details on local accommodation. On behalf of World Cup 2005, the Tourist Information Centre is offering an accommodation booking service for national teams and all visitors to the event. Accommodation should be requested with an indication of your maximum price from one of:

  • �25 per person per night for bed and breakfast
  • �50 per person per night for bed and breakfast
  • �75 per person per night for bed and breakfast
  • �100 per person per night for bed and breakfast

Basic Accommodation

Basic accommodation is available at two local Surrey Outdoor Education Centres, see their website, during the event:

a. Henley Fort is on the edge of Guildford (map), about 1km from the town centre and 3km from the Event Centre. There is some dormitory accommodation and a number of permanent tents. It will be preferable to have your own transport. Costs will be:

  • �12 per person per night for bed and breakfast,
  • �18 per person per night for bed, breakfast and evening meal

b. Wanborough Youth House is in the countryside (map) about 10-15 minutes by car from the Event Centre. It provides self catering accommodation for up to 28 people in a number of dormitories. It is essential to have your own transport. Costs will be about �5 per person per night, assuming that most beds are occupied.

Booking of Accommodation

In order to book accommodation, all visitors (including National Teams) should complete the accommodation section of the relevant Registration Form and send it to the Event Office with a non-refundable deposit of �50 per person (�10 per person for the basic accommodation). Please ensure that you provide your identifier (your country code and name.e.g. GBR/Smith) on your form and on all money transfers.

After receipt of the completed form and deposit, accommodation will be booked. A confirmation note will be returned to you, giving the details and the actual price. Accommodation will NOT be booked until the deposit is received.

Please help us to help you by returning your form and deposit just as soon as possible. It is unlikely that the Tourist Information Centre or the Event Office will be able to help with any accommodation close to Guildford just before the event. It should be noted that both the Event and Guildford Tourist Information Centre are offering the booking service at no charge to teams and visitors.


It is hoped that visitors will be allowed to travel to all competition sites in their own transport. It is likely that there will be a parking fee (of about �1 per day per vehicle) collected at the entrance to the car park. However, this will depend on final arrangements with landowners, police and weather conditions.

In addition, pre-booked transportation will be provided from the Event Centre to and from each competition site. Tickets will need to be reserved in advance at �40 per person for the competition period.

Weather & Climate

Normal daytime maximum temperature for May in Surrey is 15 to 20C. The weather might be warm, sunny and bright, it might be cloudy and dry, there may be showers, it may rain, but there are unlikely to be any extreme conditions in May.

Training Opportunities

It is be possible to train on terrain similar to that selected for the competitions. For more details, please send an email with your plans, dates and numbers to the event enquiry address

Media Service

No special entry fee is requested from the media representatives. Telephone, PC and internet access will be provided at the Event Centre. Media representatives are requested to send a completed Registration Form (please note that this form has been updated for January 2005) to the Event Office in order to ensure that they are given appropriate accreditation. Accommodation can also be booked on receipt of the form and deposit.

Media representatives can obtain further information by contacting Sophie Furness, World Cup 2005 Marketing & Communication Manager at the Event Office.

IOF Representatives, Extra Representatives from Federations

Such representatives are requested to send a completed Registration Form (please note that this form has been updated for January 2005) to the Event Office in order to ensure that they are given appropriate accreditation. Accommodation can also be booked on receipt of the form and deposit.


Visitors may need a visa to enter Britain and the local British Consulate should be consulted for detailed advice. This bulletin can be used as the official invitation to World Cup Round 1 by all national federations affiliated to IOF.

As a first step, the official website of The Foreign & Commonwealth Office features an online Visa Enquiry Form enabling you to check if a visa is needed. It also provides links to the forms, information leaflets and contact details for the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

Event Officials

Event Director:

Tim Pugh

Finance Director:

Keith Tonkin

Event Technical Director:

David May

Event Manager:

Alan Leakey

Marketing and Communications: Sophie Furness
Event Development Officer: Christine Robinson
Event Schools Development Officer: Karen Williams

IOF Senior Event Advisor:

Kjell Blomseth (NOR)

National Controller:

Alan Rosen


Please contact the Event Finance Director by email for details of methods of payment.

The sender must pay all banking charges in both countries at time of transfer. In addition, the sender is asked to ensure that an identifier (for example, your name, your team name) is included in the "information for beneficiary" section of the transfer form used by your bank. Please also ensure that the same identifier is included next to the signature on the completed Registration Form.

A non-refundable accommodation deposit of �50 per person (�10 per person for "basic", ie Henley Fort and Wanborough Youth House) must be paid with the Registration Form (please note that this form has been updated for January 2005) by 1st February 2005. Accommodation bookings will only be made after receipt of the deposit. Full payment must be received by 1 April 2005. Participation will only be confirmed after receipt of full payment.

Further Information & Contact Details

Please visit the event website (www.wcup2005.org.uk) for the very latest information. Further information can be also obtained by sending an email to info@wcup2005.org.uk

or by contacting:

Event Office (World Cup 2005), BOF, Riversdale, Dale Road North, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 2HX, Great Britain

Telephone: +44 1629 734042, Fax +44 1629 733769


In the event of cancellation for any reason, BOF reserves the right to retain all or part of money received to cover incurred costs.

This event is supported by:-

Guildford Borough Council

Tilling Productions

UK Sport backboard

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