Orienteering World Cup 2005
Orienteering World Cup 2005
Surrey Hills, England
Orienteering World Cup 2005


  • Stoke Park, Guildford   Thursday 21 April 2005


Contact: Keith Tonkin  Tel 01293 881879  Email keith@aesica.com

Organised by: Guildford Orienteers

Guildford Orienteers invite you to a Young Orienteers Festival at Stoke Park. This is an orienteering event near the centre of Guildford intended specifically for school children. It is an event that is linked with the Orienteering World Cup that is coming to Guildford over the weekend of 29th April to 3rd May.

Who can attend

Guildford Borough schools can each bring up to 30 children to the event. Guildford Orienteers will have a number of helpers on hand to explain the activity and give general guidance. Some shadowing will be possible but for the most part we will let children try the courses by themselves. All courses will be within bounds of Stoke Park with no need to cross any public roads. The easiest course will be within sight of the start/finish area at all times so that line of sight supervision can be maintained.


Three orienteering courses will be planned in Stoke Park which has been recently mapped for orienteering purposes at a scale of 1:5000.

Primary - equivalent to White standard, approx. 1.5km
Lower Secondary - equivalent to Yellow standard, approx. 2km
Upper Secondary - equivalent to Orange standard, approx. 2.5km

Each control site will be marked by a normal orienteering banner. We may use electronic punching at the event which enables instant individual results to be printed after each child finishes. It also shows split times taken between controls and checks that all controls have been visited and punched in the correct order.

Event timing

Schools can run anytime between 10am and 3pm to take part in the event. Suggested timing is:

Primary (Years 5&6): 10-12

Lower Secondary (Years 7&8): 12-2

Upper Secondary (Years 9, 10 & 11): 2-3.30pm

But we can run any age group at any time.

IMPORTANT. Please contact us if you are planning to attend and we will agree a suitable time. This will ensure that we can spread the attendance over the course of the day, and also ensures we print enough course maps for the day.


The assembly / start / finish are will be in the centre of Stoke Park, adjacent to the track that runs through the middle. It is accessible from either London Road or from Spectrum via the pelican crossing on The Parkway. Parking can be at The Spectrum. Toilet facilities will by necessity be at The Spectrum.

Permission to use Stoke Park has been obtained from Guildford Borough Council. The event is properly registered and insured with the British Orienteering Federation.


Results for each school will be prepared and can be emailed or mailed to your school.


Please contact Keith Tonkin of Guildford Orienteers if you would like further information or plan to come to the event. Tel 01293 881879 or Email keith@aesica.com


Guildford team

From the Guildford Young Orienteers Festival up to 24 children may be selected to represent Guildford at the National Young Orienteers Festival at Battersea Park on Monday 2nd May.


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