Orienteering World Cup 2005
Orienteering World Cup 2005
Surrey Hills, England
Orienteering World Cup 2005

Stephen Palmer


UK club?

Walton Chasers OC


Foreign club?

Malungs OK, Sweden


Age? Birthday?

Age 38 Birthday 1 March 1967


Where do you live?

Borlange, Sweden


When did you start orienteering?



How much do you train each week?



How do you split the training between speed training and technique?



Is there one tip that has particularly helped to improve your performance?

At the top level, orienteering is very much a condition sport; the navigational side and the physical side are highly inter-related. A person who is less able physically has less time to focus on the navigation and consequently will make more mistakes.


What indulgences (if any) did you have to give up?

Elite orienteering is a full-time job. The amount of hard training required leaves little time for other leissure activities.


What do you do to relax?

Having a demanding job leaves little time for relaxing!


What areas do you like orienteering in most?

Orienteering for me will always be the classic and relay disciplines; the best terrain is in Scandinavia.


Have you won any races?

I have been fortunate to have had a very long career. Domestically, I have been British Champion in every age class (M10 through to M21). Internationally, as a junior I have also won the Swedish 5-days competion (M15). As a senior I took SILVER in the World Student Championships 1991 (classic), SILVER in the World Championships 1993 (relay) and GOLD in the Nordic Championships 2001 (relay).


How do you run so fast through terrain without falling over or twisting an ankle?

I have been orienteering and running through forests for 31 years!


Was there any other sport you enjoyed when you were at school and had to give up to concentrate on orienteering?

At school I was very active in a range of different sports. Nowadays I focus very much on cross-country ski-ing.


Did you do cross country when you were at school and, if so, were you any good at it?"

Since orienteering is very much a physical sport at the elite level, it is essential to continue working on the running side. Cross country running is very good for this.


Which famous people have you met?

I was at university together with Jonathan Edwards, but unfortunately we lost contact when I moved to Sweden in 1988.


What music do you listen to?

I'm afraid I'm still stuck in the 80's. However, now that 80's type music is coming back again in 2005, I'm becoming more "modern" again!

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