Orienteering World Cup 2005
Orienteering World Cup 2005
Surrey Hills, England
Orienteering World Cup 2005

Jamie Stevenson




UK club?

South Yorkshire Orienteers


Foreign club?

Farum Tisvilde, Denmark


Age? Birthday?

Age 30 Birthday 25 March 1975


Where do you live?

Birkerod, Denmark


When did you start orienteering?

1985, aged 10.


How much do you train each week?

10 - 15 hours (most days, twice a day on many days).  I always run or cycle to work (2 x 10 km per day).


How do you split the training between speed training and technique?

Mostly physical training, but intensive technique on training camps.  More technique when I was a junior.


Is there one tip that has particularly helped to improve your performance?

Be sociable, chat to people after races.  Learn from others, speak to the best and train orienteering with them.


What indulgences (if any) did you have to give up?

None really - it is important to have balance in your life.  Not sacrifice everything.  As regards food - I don't eat McDonalds after watching Supersize me!


What do you do to relax?

Read, listen to music, cook, DIY.


What areas do you like orienteering in most?

Sweden - almost everything there.  Really steep areas - like you can find in Scotland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Japan. There is a kind of mountain-climbing, epic adventure feel to the orienteering.


Have you won any races?

World Sprint Champion 2003, Spring Cup, Swedish Long Distance Champs, Nordic Championships relay, JK.


How do you run so fast through terrain without falling over or twisting an ankle?

Watch the movies and run like they do in The Matrix or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.


Was there any other sport you enjoyed when you were at school and had to give up to concentrate on orienteering?

Swimming, at junior club level, it took a lot of time early in the morning and at weekends.  But I still enjoy swimming - I swim one or two times per week, usually in combination with aquajogging as cross training.


Did you do cross country when you were at school and, if so, were you any good at it?"

Yes. I have been Scottish cross-country champion.


Which famous people have you met?

Peter Palmer, Derek Allison, Yvette Baker, Stephen Palmer, Heather Monro, David Seaman, G�ran Kropp (artic adventurer).


What music do you listen to?

Just now Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Robbie Williams.

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