Orienteering World Cup 2005
Orienteering World Cup 2005
Surrey Hills, England
Orienteering World Cup 2005

Position Names


Camden Junior School
1st Aaron Phillips/Jack Harrison-Brown 8.23
2nd William Collins/Jack Harding 9.24
3rd Adam Lawrence/T Morrison 9.51
4th Abbie Holt/Julie Durand 9.54
5th Claire Rowlands/Rachel Hatley 10.22
6th Katie Squire/Sarah MacDonald/Janice Durand 10.28
7th Grace Williamson/Natasha Parlour 10.53
8th P Srivicramarajasingham/Michael Newman 11.12
Hackbridge Primary School
1st Mollie Higgins/Alex Penfold 8.46
2nd Sabina Uzonovic/Danny Reece 8.55
3rd Callum Hawkins/Jessica McGuigan 9.38
4th Matthew/Kirsty Brown 10.55
5th Matthew Shirley/Ruby Perry 11.02
Westbourne Primary School
1st Ben G/Chloe 6.26
2nd Jack/Louise 7.08
3rd Aidan/Blanka 7.47
4th Ryan/Laura 7.50
5th George/Zoe 8.46
Avenue Primary School
1st Annabel Prior/Jamie Stalley 7.33
2nd Chelsea Spillane/James Totton 8.04
3rd Laila Jam/Jack Jones 8.43
4th Olivia Collyer/Anthony Wright 9.21
5th Alice Roostan/Jake Wilde 9.55
Holy Trinity Junior School
1st Charlie Button/Hannah McIntyre 8.23
2nd Sian Payne/Thomas White 9.30
3rd Georgina Steele/James Shaw 10.27
4th Ben Stark/Nicole Williams 10.42
5th Leslie Amanquah/Francesca Joyce 11.05
Amy Johnson Primary School
1st Luke Emberson/Jordan Wallis 8.21
2nd Chloe Winter/Margaret Doyle 10.06
3rd Emma Farey/Lewis Craig 10.24
4th Amy Wadman/Danielle Carroll 11.24
5th Esmond McLaughlin/Jakaria Siddique 12.20
The winners were Westbourne Primary School who go on to represent Sutton at the Young Orienteers Festival in Battersea Park on 2 May Bank Holiday Monday.

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